What programs do you use?

I use Adobe Photoshop almost exclusively. Sometimes I will jump into Illustrator if I absolutely have to vectorize something. But the majority of my work, including sketches, are done in Photoshop with brushes I made myself.

Can I buy your brushes?

YES! They’re available at creativemarket.com/shaunaparmesan

Do you Use an iPad Pro?

What do you use to draw?

How did you get into full time freelancing?

How do I get the big clients?

What advice would you have for someone graduating soon?

You’re an introvert? But you seem so extroverted!

Who is Teddy?

Teddy is my rescue pup. I adopted him in April 2013 from Florida Little Dog Rescue when I realized how lonely I was working from home.

Why is Teddy so cute?

I don’t know. He just is and I love my very good boi.

Can I hire you for my project?

You sure can! Reach out to me at shauna@shaunalynn.com and fill out a project request form here: shaunalynn.com/workwithme.

Can I hire you to teach me?

Do you mentor?

How did you find your style?

Favorite Procreate brushes?

How do I get started in lettering?