Light Grey Art Lab
Swarm Show

– Beauty in the Grotesque –

The underside of this rock breathes the way water ripples to the shore on a windy day. Pulsating figures writhe in the dark, sliding across the surface - a mitosis of little bodies merging. Folding over one another, slipping past each-other, with a kind of sensual movement. Hidden from the light of day, they come alive to do their delicate job. 

In the dark, the soft sounds of wings conjure visions of etherial entities. Specters who drift to and fro between the naked branches. And in the moonlight, small spirits skirt against the still surface of the pond, the click-clicking of their static voices barely audible.

SWARM invites 60+ artists to glamorize the unique creatures that are overlooked because they're underfoot, lurking in the shadows, or slipping silently through the air in the still of night. 

Our cabinet of curiosities could contain a still life with silk moths. Scientific references of reticulated reptiles. Tap into the elements that trigger our phobias of the strange and unfamiliar, and help us elevate the beauty in their existence. So imagine dangling your limbs into dark water, or your skin crawling at the thought of spiny legs scurrying, and look again at the creatures that make us shiver.


Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn
Orlando, FL

Eternal Sleep
Archival Print
12" x 17"

About this piece:
Wandering the woods can be eerie enough as it is, but what if you came across skulls? What sort of spirits are there among you?