Prudential x Pennsylvania Conference for Women

As a sponsor of the 2018 Pennsylvania Conference for WomenPrudential offered free expert advice on financial wellness and holistic solutions to attendees. Satellite Office curated four female artists (myself, Lauren Hom, Ann Chen, and Lauren Ronquillo) to each create a large scale mural based on one of four themes. My mural was centered around mental health and the ideas behind living your best life. We created four large-scale murals (40' x 8'), complete with Instagram 'See Your Future Selfie' stations, to encompass the consultation lounge themes of financial wellness, health/fitness, mental well being, and work/career motivation. Each artist was also on-site for an interactive experience in which they hand lettered custom phrases on clutches for conference attendees as keepsakes for visiting the Prudential booth. Each booth also had a wellness expert for attendees to sit down and chat with.

Client: Prudential | Agency: IMG LIVE | Account Manager: Kelly Krautheim (IMG LIVE) | Designers: Lauren HomLauren Ronquillo, Ann ChenShauna Lynn Panczyszyn, and Steffi Lynn (on-site lettering) | Art Direction & Producer: Ryan Appleton


The Designs

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